I hope it’s not true or it’s only a kind of short term romance.  If so, enjoy it, anyway.

My son, please treasure what you’ve got now.

My conclusion is this lady is not a good girl/woman at all.

I already wrote comment on her blog to asked her to take off your pics and clips about your private life from her blog. However, she just ignored my comment and still posted those things there openly.

OMG. You’re a CELEBRITY and now become so infamous in Japan, Asia or even in the world.

Please protect yourself, my son! I’m worrying about you.

I’m afraid she just wants to abuse you to make herself be famous/popular to get a job in Japan.

How pathetic is she now? She’s a BITCH.  That’s it.  Please go back to NY right away.

My son, please resume your working mode and re-concentrate on your career again.  PLEASE…

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