This movie has finally been shown in Hong Kong but only in the Grand Cinema on July 23, 24, 30 and 31 respectively. These are only 8 advanced shows.  The official launch will be in mid September in Hong Kong.  Taiwan audience are a bit luckier.  The official launch will be in early Auguest in Taiwan.

I’m one of the lucky ones in Hong Kong who got the chance to watch it in the Grand Cinema on July 23 late evening.

Definitely, I already watched TV DRAMA – Liar Game Season 1 & 2 and couldn’t wait to watch the final stage.

Season 1 was being broadcasted in Japan in 2007 and Season 2 was being broadcasted in Japan in late 2009 and early 2010.

The movie has already been shown in Japan in March 2010 and it was a great success in terms of no. of audiences.

To watch Shota Matsuda and Toda Erika’s performance in the BIG SCREEN is a kind of dream coming true.  I enjoyed the whole journey very much.

If you didn’t watch the TV DRAMA, you wouldn’t understand the logic and theme being told by the whole series and the movie.  Tricks, lies and trusts were being used and abused throughout rounds and rounds until the final stage of the LIAR GAME.

Originally, I expected that Nao-Chan has grown up to be more matured and didn’t need Akiyama-San’s much help but actually, she’s still a BAGA and continuing her unique naiveness and innocence. 

Akiyama-San’s wisdom still impressed me much but his greatest weakness was too famous to be Nao-chan.  His enemy focused on this point and kicked him out of the game.  This was the part which I didn’t like at all because in previous rounds of the game, Akiyama-San quite understood his own weakness and always could make it finally.  At the final stage, how could he become so vlunerable and being crushed by the Mr. X so easily?

One more point was – Akiyama-San wouldn’t be able to know that someone (THE ROLE WITH WHITE HAIR) would help him pay his debt when he lost in advance.  This is the BIGGEST BUG of the story.  Of course, the ending was a happy one.  The greatest enemy – Mr. X was fianlly crushed by Nao-Chan and Akiyama-San.  I wouldn’t disclose how Mr. X being crushed here.

SHOTA  MATSUDA’s performance is great!  His coolness, wisdom and smile melt me and moved me a lot.  However, the romance between Akiyama-San and Nao-Chan was too little.  (Please arrange another LOVE STORY between Shota Matsuda and Toda Erika.  It must be a popular one with tons of LIAR GAME fans.)

It’s recommended that you should watch TV DRAMA – LIAR GAME Season 1 & 2 before you go to the cinema.

By the way, I think the part being cut in the LIAR GAME – X Special is necessarily being put in the movie to make it as a whole story.  Moreoever, I enjoyed listening to Shota’s fluent English in the X Special part.  I think this part would only be included in the offical DVD which would be launched in  Japan in mid September.

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